The SQL Server Performance Tasting Menu

*clinks glass*

This post will have links to all the demo videos for my presentation, The SQL Server Performance Tasting menu. Since the demos change over time with whatever I currently find interesting, I want to have a place where people can find older ones.


To see the full YouTube playlist, head over here.

For individual posts with each video, here’s the list:

  1. Amuse-bouche (Trivial Plans)
  2. Crappy Table Expressions
  3. Sortables
  4. Not Missing Indexes
  5. unsTable Variables
  6. DISTINCTly Bad
  7. Memory Grunts
  8. What Goes In Memory
  9. Reads Blocking Writes
  10. Optional Parameters Are Dumb
  11. Counting Groups, I Guess
  12. Not So Implied Predicates
  13. Useful vs. Useless Bitmaps
  14. Spooky Hands
  15. Bad Joins
  16. MSTVFU
  17. Date Math Matters
  18. Serially Parallel
  19. Indexes And The Transaction Log

Happy learning!

Going Further

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