Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Filter Operators In Query Plans Part 2

If You Remember Part 1

We looked at a couple examples of when SQL Server might need to filter out rows later in the plan than we’d like, and why that can cause performance issues.

Now it’s time to look …

Not All Function Rewrites Are Straightforward

And Some, Not At All

Let’s say at some point, you just didn’t know any better, and you wrote a scalar function to make some common thing you needed to do all “modular” and “portable” and stuff.

Good on you, …

Which Parallel Deadlocks Produce Deadlock Graphs?


There are two types of parallel deadlocks. The kind that end in an error message, and the kind that are resolved by exchanges spilling buffers.

It used to be that both kinds would produce deadlock graphs. Microsoft even added …

Options For Fixing Parallel Deadlocks


If you have a copy of the StackOverflow2013 database, this query should produce a parallel deadlock.

SELECT c.Id, c.UserId, c.CreationDate, c.PostId, c.Score 
INTO #ohno 
FROM dbo.Comments AS c WITH (TABLOCKX);

If you want an easy way to track down …