Updates to sp_QuickieStore, sp_PressureDetector, and sp_HumanEvents

A Thing Of Things


  • Added the ability to search query store wait stats for queries that generated a large amount of a specific wait category.
  • Noticed a couple TOP queries were missing DESC for the ordering
  • Increased length of all_plan_ids column to max after someone said they hit a truncation error with a length of 1000
  • Updated documentation to reflect more specific version support: 2016 SP2+, SQL Server 2017 CU3+, 2019+, and Probably Azure


  • Added a parameter to skip getting execution plans when server is really hammered
  • Added database name to memory query
  • Added a missing isolation level set
  • Increased decimal length for servers with larger amounts of memory


  • Updated proc to format queries to suit current formatting memes I enjoy
  • Organized the proc a little bit better, putting all the declared variables and temp table creation at the beginning
  • Fixed some inevitable bugs that come with formatting and reorganizing really long stored procedures
  • Cleaned up error handling
  • Added a check for the signed query hash action; I found the proc failed on some earlier builds of 2014 and 2012

So uh, go get those. Use’em. Have fun.

Do a SQL.

Thanks for reading!

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