Updates to sp_PressureDetector and WhatsUpMemory


Just a couple minor updates:

  • sp_PressureDetector now includes statement start and end offsets, in case you want to build plan guides for queries
  • WhatsUpMemory got a huge performance tuning, which I’ll talk about in tomorrow’s post!

Nothing else here. Happy downloading and analyzing.

Or analysing, if you’re from a refined country.

Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “Updates to sp_PressureDetector and WhatsUpMemory

  1. WhatsUpMemory is a LOT faster. I played with the last iteration and recalled it took a small eternity, almost like being on stage with Yoko Ono. (Zappa inside joke and liner note, dammit)

    1. It’s fairly safe if you turn the sound off. But try it out on a developer that likes to code NOLOCK everywhere first.

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