Updates to sp_PressureDetector and WhatsUpMemory


Just a couple minor updates:

  • sp_PressureDetector now includes statement start and end offsets, in case you want to build plan guides for queries
  • WhatsUpMemory got a huge performance tuning, which I’ll talk about in tomorrow’s post!

Nothing else here. Happy downloading and analyzing.

Or analysing, if you’re from a refined country.

Thanks for reading!

Going Further

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5 thoughts on “Updates to sp_PressureDetector and WhatsUpMemory

  1. WhatsUpMemory is a LOT faster. I played with the last iteration and recalled it took a small eternity, almost like being on stage with Yoko Ono. (Zappa inside joke and liner note, dammit)

  2. I really wanted to spare you the horrors. So be it.
    Don’t do it, man!
    I’m warning you.
    God help you.
    Sign this waiver first, please.
    A Small Eternity With Yoko Ono (Live At Fillmore East, NYC, 1971)

    1. It’s fairly safe if you turn the sound off. But try it out on a developer that likes to code NOLOCK everywhere first.

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