6 thoughts on “Stuff That Crashes SSMS 18.1

  1. The “switching tabs” problem (where it doesn’t update your screen) can be mitigated by turning off hardware acceleration (Tools > Options > Environment > General > User hardware graphics acceleration if available).

    I am told this is a “known problem”.

  2. I was running through a bunch of XE stuff the other day to help somebody on the SQL Server Community Slack and I too was subjected to those delightful sudden restarts when closing the live event viewer; glad it’s not just me. As a workaround you can stop the XE session via your weapon of choice and the tab’ll close a bit more gracefully.

    I’ve also found and voted for an, er, “Idea” on the horrible new Connect website, so give it an upvote — https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/37725610-ssms-18-0-crashes-when-closing-extended-events-wat

    That said, only an hour ago a UI issue that myself and some others have been experiencing in the new SSMS 18 (and Visual Studio 2019) had both of its issues closed with the modern-day equivalent of “Won’t Fix”, so I don’t think stuff that’s inconvenient is going to get worked on. The raft of ancient SSMS annoyances that were fixed with the original SSMS 18 release made me think MS might have changed tack on the smaller productivity interferences, but maybe not :p

    Loads of bugs have been reported in the community Slack since the initial release, but many of them are only affecting certain users with no rhyme or reason as to whom, so I don’t imagine this release has been a bundle of fun for MS either. The line between SSMS and VS is still pretty blurry to me so I’m a little afraid of doing anything in either of them (note that VS 2019 Community is now the replacement for the SSDT VS shell for the “BI stack”, and much as I’d rather never touch any of those products my hands are tied from having to support some SSIS stuff).

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