Query Store Improvements I’d Like To See For SQL Server: Get The Full Query Text From The GUI

Spirited Away

This week’s posts are a series of short, and, admittedly lazy ones about improvements I’d like to see in Query Store.

I’m away from home for the Holiday Week, and I don’t have a lot of time to write at the moment. Normally I’d put these all into one post. I do hope you, dear reader, will forgive me. In the spirit of the holidays, or something.

Problem Five

People write big queries, whether it’s an ORM, in a stored procedure, or any other vehicle for sending your ANSI torture to SQL Server’s humble ports. Unfortunately, query plans don’t store the full text.

If you’re looking at query plans in Query Store’s GUI for a big query, you get AN ABSOLUTELY ENORMOUS pop up window, with a preview of the query text. But only a preview.

You can even get the full text if you query the underlying views directly. But most people aren’t taking that dive.

Often, getting the full query text is necessary for, you know… running the query without error. If it’s cut off, you can’t do that, and right now there’s no way to fetch it from the main dashboard screens.

That’s a major shortcoming, and fixing it would make life easier for anyone who uses Query Store for query tuning.

Thanks for reading!

Going Further

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