Madison SQL Saturday Precon Logistics

Sell Out

If you’re coming to my precon, and really, I appreciate that you all chose to learn from me:

Join the Slack channel! Forgive their recent logo sins, and hang out in there to ask questions, yell at me, or ask when lunch is.

You can do that by going to and entering your email address to get an invite. Once you’re in, you’ll wanna join #erikdarling-tuning.

If you wanna play along with any parts of the demos, you’ll wanna download this copy of the StackOverflow database.

Fair warning: if you’re gonna do this, do it well in advance. Downloading over public W-i-Fi is quite a gamble.

Lastly But Not Leastly

Check out all the other great sessions available that have seats remaining in them.

Thanks for reading!

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