Adopting An Anti-Harassment Policy For Online Training

Don’t Be A

This isn’t a technical post, but give it a read anyway.

With a lot of events going online, including yours truly (I’m teaching a live class today!), those events need to stay committed to making sure people who show up have a good experience. In my case, that means they’re entertained, and they learn something about performance tuning SQL Server.

Ambitious, I know.

But beyond that, I want people to be comfortable. After all, the things that you’re gonna be learning about SQL Server are uncomfortable enough.

You won’t believe the things it reports back to Microsoft about you. smh, as the kids say.

To start things off on the right foot, I’ve adopted a general anti-harassment policy.

Rather than go on and on about things here, click that link and give it a read. If you’ve got any feedback, drop me a line.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Adopting An Anti-Harassment Policy For Online Training

  1. You’re great!
    Even today I am wondering about any kind of harassment!
    In USA, and in Italy…
    I really appreciate for your position about this topic

    1. Just trying to do my part. It’s something I’ve heard of at SQL events, but never witnessed (to my knowledge). But I don’t want anything I’m a part of to have that sort of reputation.

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