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6 thoughts on “sp_HumanEvents: View Creation and Cleanup Examples

  1. Hey Erik,
    We’re using one of the views (HumanEvents_Queries) to check on the SP calling parameters, along with the rest of that useful info. We noticed that, in case of a .Net SqlClient Data Provider (as client app), no parameters are shown in the ‘sql_text’ view column. The column value looks like this:
    (@p0 int,@p1 bit)exec dbo.MVT_ClickThroughrateGet @p0, @p1
    Would it be reasonable to assume that the active extended event (keeper_HumanEvents_queries) failed to capture the params or would it be possible to find them stored in some other extended event field ?
    Thanks !

  2. That’s pretty odd, I had a better look and I guess it’s about the way query plan is formed/saved (by the extended event session ?).
    I ran the statement directly in SSMS. Here’s the query plan:
    As you expect, when running a SELECT statement, the left most operator (NodeId = 0) is ‘SELECT’. Also, the statement is visible (under ‘Query 1’ tag).
    BUT, if I click on the ‘showplan_xml’ view column, here’s what i see:
    Now, the left most operator is ‘Compute Scalar’ and the statement is not visible.
    So it seems that the ‘showplan_xml’ column contains an incomplete XML.
    Still, I was able to find the parameter value, by opening the column value as a string:
    Forgot to mention the SQL Server version:
    Microsoft SQL Server 2014 (SP3-GDR) (KB4505218) – 12.0.6108.1 (X64)
    May 29 2019 20:05:27
    Enterprise Edition: Core-based Licensing (64-bit) on Windows NT 6.3 (Build 9600: )

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