The Building Blocks for Self-Driving PostgreSQL

Grand Bonne

I know what you’re thinking: Who cares about that free database?

Well, it’s not necessarily the Postgres part that you might care about, but more the fact that a third party is developing software to do what major vendors aren’t doing.

This sort of thing might come to SQL Server someday, and it probably should. The self-tuning features in Azure are ass.

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Going Further

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5 thoughts on “The Building Blocks for Self-Driving PostgreSQL

  1. Interesting video – seems that MS are quite well advanced in this area actually. A more complete set of metrics. QueryStore available not only for SQL Server but also MySQL & PostgresSQL. Next version of Querystore (2022) will persist information to be able to re-apply learnings to survive restarts. Auto tuning in Azure already using a copy of the data with the real workload and measuring if a change is beneficial or detrimental & keeping or rolling back as appropriate. I think it depends on whether you take the standpoint of – it’s not as good as Erik, Brent or Pedro or whether you compare to Joe Spud, python developer 1 year out of college.

  2. Great content as always! Thank you! Postgres has always been my weakness

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