Keep Away From Runnable Queues


There are a lot of posts about THREADPOOL on the internet, but what happens before your server threads go into the red?

You might see other signs of CPU contention — lots of waits on stuff like the CX waits, or SOS_SCHEDULER_YIELD.

But there are other signs, too, and they can show up in the lifecycle of a query.

Zombie Skeleton

The main states a query can be in are:

  • Runing: Chugging happily along
  • Runnable: Waiting for a CPU
  • Suspended: Waiting on something else (locks, pages, whatever)
  • Sleeping: Should probably disconnect maybe, I guess

If you’ve got a lot of queries that are runnable, they’re ready to run, but not getting CPU time.

There are a ton of reasons why you might see this rack up, like:

  • Too few CPUs
  • Totally untuned queries
  • VM issues like noisy neighbors, CPU limits, etc.
  • RBAR-style code

Good News!

Checks for this are coming to sp_BlitzFirst, and sp_PressureDetector.

If > 25% of  your queries are runnable, we’ll warn you about it. What you do with that information is up to your skilled hands.

Thanks for reading!

Going Further

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  1. Hi Eric, love your blogs and your sp_PressureDetector. Checked the Git for the latest update but the code is still says: SELECT @version = ‘1.10’, @versiondate = ‘20201001’;.
    That is not the latest version, right?

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