An Edge Case When Working With Date Parameters

Wheeze Man

When people tell you that working with correct data types is important, it’s for a variety of very good reasons.

Not only can you avoid performance issues, but you can avoid strange query plan distractions, too.

Let’s look …

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Filter Operators In Query Plans Part 2

If You Remember Part 1

We looked at a couple examples of when SQL Server might need to filter out rows later in the plan than we’d like, and why that can cause performance issues.

Now it’s time to look …

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Filter Operators In Query Plans Part 1

Source Of Frustration


*taps mic*

When we write queries that need to filter data, we tend to want to have that filtering happen as far over to the right in a query plan as possible. Ideally, data is filtered …

Join Me At Data Platform Summit 2020!

The Road From Nowhere

This year, I’m teaching an 8 hour online workshop at Data Platform Summit, and I’d love it if you joined me.

Here’s what I’ll be teaching:

Class Title: The Beginner’s Guide To Advanced Performance Tuning

Not All Function Rewrites Are Straightforward

And Some, Not At All

Let’s say at some point, you just didn’t know any better, and you wrote a scalar function to make some common thing you needed to do all “modular” and “portable” and stuff.

Good on you, …

Towards Safer Dynamic SQL


Dynamic SQL is always a hot topic. I love using it. Got a lot of posts about it.

Recently, while answering a question about it, it got me thinking about safety when accepting table names as user input, among …