Understand Your Plan: Estimates And Actuals

But Really

Remember way back when maps were on paper? Some maps were so fancy they called themselves an atlas, even though you bought them at a gas station.

They were neat, and they were mostly right. If there was …

Understand Your Plan: When Queries Go Parallel

Zip Zap Fast

Parallel queries were originally conceived of by David Lee Roth in 198X. He doesn’t remember exactly. It’s cool.

In some cases, they’re the only reasonable option. If your query is processing millions of rows, spreading them out …

Understand Your Plan: Operators That Use Memory Grants

What’s The Point?

Whoever called memory a “bank” was a smart cookie. Everything you get from RAM is a loan.

In SQL Server, queries can get memory loaned to them while they execute. The most common reasons for memory grants …