What’s The Best Statistics Sample Rate For SQL Server?

Big Think

Most people fire off their index and statistics maintenance jobs with the default options and do just fine. Sometimes, though, statistics need a little bit more consideration, and I get a lot of questions about them.

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Trace Flag 3608 Disables Automatic Statistics Creation And Ghost Record Cleanup In SQL Server

Short Bad

According to the docs:

Prevents SQL Server from automatically starting and recovering any database except the master database. If activities that require TempDB are initiated, then model is recovered and TempDB is created. Other databases will be

One Thing The “New” Cardinality Estimator Does Better In SQL Server

Or “Default”, If That’s Your Kink

Look, I’m not saying there’s only one thing that the “Default” cardinality estimator does better than the “Legacy” cardinality estimator. All I’m saying is that this is one thing that I think it does …

Query Tuning SQL Server 2019 Part 2: Big Databases, Big Ideas

Are We Still Friends?

When I first wrote this demo, I called it dbo.ParameterSniffingMonstrosity.

Because , you know, it’s really terrible.

CREATE OR ALTER PROCEDURE dbo.VoteSniffing( @VoteTypeId INT )
        SELECT   ISNULL(v.UserId, 0) AS 

Query Tuning SQL Server 2019 Part 1: Changing Databases

Teeth To Grit

I’ve always had trouble standing still on SQL Server versions, but most companies don’t. Hardly anyone I talk to is on SQL Server 2017, though these days SQL Server 2016 seems more common than SQL Server 2012, …