Query Tuning SQL Server 2019 Part 4: Long Live The Query Tuner

Rumors Of My Demise

Let’s talk about some common hints that people use to fix parameter sniffing:

  • RECOMPILE: Won’t work here to get us a better plan for VoteTypeId 5, because it sucks when the optimizer knows what’s coming

Query Tuning SQL Server 2019 Part 3: Who Died And Made You The Optimizer?

Be Yourself

We’ve got a problem, Sam Houston. We’ve got a problem with a query that has some strange issues.

It’s not parameter sniffing, but it sure could feel like it.

  • When the procedure compiles and runs with VoteTypeId 5,

Query Tuning SQL Server 2019 Part 2: Big Databases, Big Ideas

Are We Still Friends?

When I first wrote this demo, I called it dbo.ParameterSniffingMonstrosity.

Because , you know, it’s really terrible.

CREATE OR ALTER PROCEDURE dbo.VoteSniffing( @VoteTypeId INT )
        SELECT   ISNULL(v.UserId, 0) AS 

Query Tuning SQL Server 2019 Part 1: Changing Databases

Teeth To Grit

I’ve always had trouble standing still on SQL Server versions, but most companies don’t. Hardly anyone I talk to is on SQL Server 2017, though these days SQL Server 2016 seems more common than SQL Server 2012, …