SQL Server Community Tools: Capturing Query Wait Stats With sp_HumanEvents


I have sort of a love/hate relationship with wait stats scripts and analysis. Sometimes they’re great to correlate with larger performance problems or trends, and other times they’re totally useless.

When you’re looking at wait stats, some important things …

SQL Server Community Tools: Capturing Which Queries Are Recompiling And Why With sp_HumanEvents

Classic Espionage

Like query compilations, query recompilations can be annoying. The bigger difference is that even occasional recompiles can introduce a bad query plan.

If your monitoring tools or scripts are warning you about high compiles or recompiles, sp_HumanEvents can …

SQL Server Community Tools: Capturing Which Queries Are Compiling With sp_HumanEvents

Compilation Game

One thing that I have to recommend to clients on a fairly regular basis is to enable Forced Parameterization. Many vendor applications send over queries that aren’t parameterized, or without strongly typed parameters, and that can make things… …

Updates To sp_HumanEvents

Touchy, Touchy

I’ve made some slight tweaks to sp_HumanEvents.

One of them fixes a bug with view creation when you use a custom schema. The rest are minor tweaks and fixes that you (hopefully won’t notice one bit), but …