The Forced Parameterization Extended Events That Aren’t

Busted Up

There are a couple Extended Events that I was really excited about adding to sp_HumanEvents, but try as I might they wouldn’t fire off anything. Ever.

Why was I excited? Because they would tell us why forced parameterization wasn’t used.

cool! great. wait, no.

The thing is, they only work if you know someone who isn’t Australian and they know how to change memory bits in WinDbg.

So like. Don’t bother with them for now.

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Updates To sp_HumanEvents and sp_PressureDetector

Ain’t Nothing To Do

I’ve made some changes to my scripts! Exciting. Sorta. Kinda.


Got a name change. The code hasn’t changed at all. I started getting annoyed by the formatting and the underscore between pressure and detector.

Now it looks a whole lot more like other scripts in your arsenal.

Heh. Arse… nal.

Go get it here.


There have been a ton of improvements and fixes here. I realize it’s bad form to generalize like this, but I went into overdrive making sure things were nice and tidy for GroupBy. There have been improvements to XML querying and processing, how data gets pulled in and correlated, and finally how it gets displayed.

Go get it here.

get_letters and get_numbers

What sweet little helper functions! They’ve been updated to include versions that don’t require a numbers table.

Go get them here.

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