When Index Sort Direction Matters

Ever Helpful

I got a mailbag question recently about some advice that floats freely around the internet regarding indexing for windowing functions.

But even after following all the best advice that Google could find, their query was still behaving poorly.…

When Does UDF Inlining Kick In?

The Eye

UPDATE: After writing this and finding the results fishy, I reported the behavior described below in “Somewhat Surprising” and “Reciprocal?” and it was confirmed a defect in SQL Server 2019 CU8, though I haven’t tested earlier CUs to …

An Overlooked Benefit Of Batch Mode In Parallel Plans

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When queries go parallel, you want them to be fast. Sometimes they are, and it’s great.

Other times they’re slow, and you end up staring helplessly at a repartition streams operator.

Sometimes you can reduce the problem …