SQL Server 2019: Index Choice and Batch Mode On Rowstore

A/B Testing

Let’s look at a pretty simple query against the Votes table:

SELECT v.VoteTypeId, 
       MIN(v.CreationDate) AS min_creation_date,
       MAX(v.CreationDate) AS max_creation_date,
       COUNT_BIG(*) AS records
FROM dbo.Votes AS v
GROUP BY v.VoteTypeId
ORDER BY v.VoteTypeId;

There are only two column involved:…

SQL Server 2019 Disappointment: sp_estimate_data_compression_savings

Missed It The First Time

This is documented, but I know a lot of people are allergic to documentation, whether it’s writing or reading.

In SQL Server 2019:

  • Exciting stuff: In memory tempdb!
  • Exciting stuff: sp_estimate_data_compression_savings can evaluate columnstore