Software Vendor Mistakes With SQL Server: Explicit And Implicit Transactions

Holler And Cuss

There’s a time and a place for everything, except scalar functions. In a lot of the locking and deadlocking issues I help clients with, developers either:

  • Didn’t understand the scope of their transaction
  • Didn’t need an explicit

It’s Not Just You: Blocked Process And Deadlock XML Is Misleading

Lucky Pencil

There you sit, an earnest database glob. Users are complaining that the database is slow again, but this time you’re ready for it.

You’ve got a monitoring tool collecting all the right things from all the right places, …

Implicit Transactions: Why Unrelated Queries Block Each Other In SQL Server

A Bit Sensational

I don’t really mean that unrelated queries block each other, but it sure does look like they do.

Implicit Transactions are really horrible surprises, but are unfortunately common to see in applications that use JDBC drivers to …