Software Vendor Mistakes With SQL Server: Using Functions In Join Or Where Clauses

Easy Thinking

To start with, let’s classify functions into two varietals:

  • Ones built-in to SQL Server
  • Ones that developers write

Of those, built-in functions are pretty much harmless when they’re in the select list. Classifying things a bit further for …

Software Vendor Mistakes With SQL Server: Not Using Inline Table Valued Functions

Swiss Army

In the last couple posts, I’ve talked about the problems caused by two types of T-SQL functions: Scalar User Defined Functions, and Multi-Statement Table Valued Functions.

I’ve also hinted around about a third type of function, called an …

Software Vendor Mistakes With SQL Server: Multi Statement Table Valued Functions

Available Units

In T-SQL, there are two kinds of “table valued functions”. One of them returns a select as a derived table (Inline Table Valued Function), and the other returns a @table variable as a result (Multi-Statement Table Valued Functions).…