Locking Hints Make Everything Confusing

King Of The DMV

Many people will go their entire lives without using or seeing a lock hint other than NOLOCK.

Thankfully, NOLOCK only ever leads to weird errors and incorrect results. You’ll probably never have to deal with the …

Which Parallel Deadlocks Produce Deadlock Graphs?


There are two types of parallel deadlocks. The kind that end in an error message, and the kind that are resolved by exchanges spilling buffers.

It used to be that both kinds would produce deadlock graphs. Microsoft even added …

Options For Fixing Parallel Deadlocks


If you have a copy of the StackOverflow2013 database, this query should produce a parallel deadlock.

SELECT c.Id, c.UserId, c.CreationDate, c.PostId, c.Score 
INTO #ohno 
FROM dbo.Comments AS c WITH (TABLOCKX);

If you want an easy way to track down …