Indexes And Data Access Patterns

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When I talk about “data access patterns” in relation to databases, it’s often met with blank stares.

What is a data access pattern? What does it have to do with indexes?

Well, my dear friend, today you’re gonna …

Trace Flag 3608 Disables Automatic Statistics Creation And Ghost Record Cleanup

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According to the docs:

Prevents SQL Server from automatically starting and recovering any database except the master database. If activities that require TempDB are initiated, then model is recovered and TempDB is created. Other databases will be

Wait Stats During Hash Spills

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Hash spills are, as we’ll see, sometimes identified by a different wait than sort spills. In small quantities, spills are often not worth bothering with. But when they pile up, they can really cause some severe performance issues.…

Spinning Disk Mentality


I often have to talk clients down from odd ledges. At this point, there’s about 20 years of advice about SQL Server out there, and for various reasons received wisdom often gets migrated en masse, whether it’s still applicable …