My Approach

I believe in focusing on the things that will make the biggest difference as fast as possible.

I won't give you long lists of tail-chasing chores that won't solve any problems.

There's enough outdated information and not-best practices out there already.

Meet the Me

Hi, I'm Erik.

I love query and index tuning, writing about SQL Server, and contributing to the community.

I've written a book about SQL Server, and almost 400 (mostly) technical blog posts about it.

You can follow me on Twitter, if you're into that sort of thing.

I also answer questions for Stack Exchange Miles.

After working high pressure production DBA jobs, consulting with Brent Ozar Unlimited, and getting laid off, I decided I wanted to be my own boss, do the kind of consulting that would make me happy, and fill what I thought was a big gap: the hit and run consultant and the long term remote DBA.


Erik Darling

Fully Assembled Human

The skeleton doesn't work here.

Wanna talk about your SQL Server?

I'm available for free 30 minute sales calls, hit the button to book!