For Better Query Store Adoption, Make Querying It Easier

Mama, I Tried

Back when I first wrote sp_BlitzQueryStore, I was totally enamored with Query Store.

Like the plan cache, but better. History. Different plans for the same query. Not disturbed by memory pressure or restarts.

Then I waited patiently to find a client on 2016 using it.

And waited, and waited, and waited.

And finally, some came along.

Slow Pokes And No Pokes

When I ran it, it took forever. Not even the XML part. The XML part was fast.

Gathering the initial set of data was slow.

With some time to experiment and dig in, I found that the IN_MEM tables cause significant performance issues when:

  • Query Store is actively logging data
  • Query Store is > 25 MB or so

Yes, children, in memory tables can be slow, too.

The Problem

Let’s take a couple simple queries against Query Store tables:

The first query runs for 10 seconds, with the entirety of the time spent filtering data out of the IN_MEM table:

Ho hum.

The second query is even worse, at nearly 2 minutes:

Filtering on the 1
Fingerling on the floor


I know, this configuration is probably unsupported because I used SELECT * or something.

I wrote this query hoping to quickly get the worst plans by a specific metric.

It works pretty well. Sometimes.

Other times, it runs for 4.5 minutes.

I know what you’re thinking: “Erik, you’re doing all sorts of crazy stuff in there. You’re making it slow.”

But none of the crazy stuff I’m doing is where the slowdown is.

It’s all in the same stuff I pointed out in the simpler queries.

12.5 seconds…

Testing, testing

I can’t stress how much I want Query Store to be successful. I absolutely love the idea.

But it just wasn’t implemented very well. Simple filtering against the data takes forever.

And yes, you can have NULL query plans for some reason. That’s rich.


Usability issues don’t stop there. You can hit weird server performance issues, and reports are broken.

The irony of needing to tune queries so you can find queries to tune is ironic.

I’m nearly sure of it.

Thanks for reading!

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