Last Week’s Almost Definitely Not Office Hours: March 1


Last week’s thrilling, stunning, flawless episode of whatever-you-wanna-call-it.

Well, uh, I was at SQLBits last week, and I didn’t record one. Perils of a single point of failure.

See you next week!


I’ll be doing these LIVE every Friday at Noon EST, on my YouTube channel.

Swing by if you wanna ask me questions, make fun of my breathing, or ask me what I had for breakfast.


Every Friday at Noon EST, I answer your SQL Server questions live on YouTube.

I understand, not everyone can make it, or YouTube might be blocked at work.

If it is, you can ask via email, but keep in mind I’m going to answer during the webcast, not with a personal response.

If you like Twitter better, drop me a line there.

Thanks for watching!

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