SQL Server Coaching

Whether it's a simple health check, or an in-depth performance assessment, I've got the right plan to get your server into shape.

SQL Server Training

If you're never quite sure if you're doing the right thing, from hardware design, basic setup steps, index design, or anything else, I have training to help you.

SQL Server Tuning

Got years of bad choices that are finally coming back to bite you? I'm available to be a force multiplier for current staff to kickstart query and index tuning efforts.

Not Consulting, Coaching

I like to think of myself more like a coach than a consultant, bridging the gap between people you get to talk to once who give you a long list of things to do, and remote services that make you buy a ton of hours and use them or lose them.

Just like a good coach, I listen to your goals, and come up with a specific program for you to reach them. I also stick around to make sure you're making progress.

With over a decade of experience consulting and working with databases of all shapes and sizes, I know how hard it can seem to find the right way to solve your problems, or even figure out what they are.

If that sounds like the kind of help you need, schedule a free sales call.


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